Mississippi Government

Lucy Somerville Howorth: Lawyer, Politician, and Feminist Lesson Plan


“I think that life has to be lived positively and affirmatively,” Lucy Somerville Howorth once declared to an interviewer. Students will find in this lesson numerous examples across diverse areas where Mrs. Howorth lived a life true to her declaration. As an activist, she was involved in issues that ranged from social and economic fairness and justice for women and Black people, to political campaigning and holding office, to conservation and stewardship.

The Government of Mississippi: How it Functions

Theme and Time Period

When Mississippi became a United States territory in 1798, its first government was made up of a territorial governor, a secretary to the governor, and three judges. Washington, Mississippi, served as the territorial capital. That is where the first Mississippi Constitution was drafted and sent to the United States Congress for the territory’s admittance in the Union as a state. On December 10, 1817, Mississippi became the twentieth state, and since then, Mississippi’s citizens and officials shaped state government into what it is today.

The Mississippi Constitution of 1817

Theme and Time Period

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Constitution and Form of Government for the State of Mississippi


We, the Representatives of the people inhabiting the western part of the Mississippi Territory, contained within the following limits, to wit: Beginning on the River Mississippi at the point where the southern boundary line of the State of Tennessee strikes the same; thence east

Was Mississippi A Part of Progressivism? Lesson Plan


Progressivism was a political movement that originated as a response to the economic, political, and social problems brought about by industrialization. Poverty, child labor, unsafe factories, and crowded living conditions are just a few of the issues that Progressives worked diligently to reform. Mississippi led the nations in two areas of Progressive concern, but lagged behind the nation in the areas of woman suffrage and race relations. Progressivism came to a close in the state of Mississippi as well as the nation as the United States entered World War I.

Constitutions of Mississippi Lesson Plan


Throughout the school year, students will analyze Mississippi's four constitutions to determine the various forces that influenced the writing of each one. They will identify specific examples in the documents that indicate how the writers responded to those forces. Students will seek to answer these questions:

  • How do the "times" affect the writing of a constitution?
  • Does it matter who writes a constitution?


Mississippi Studies Framework: Competencies 1,3,4; Objectives 01, 03.

Presidential Elections: Mississippi's Voting History Lesson Plan


Historically, how do the voters of Mississippi vote in presidential elections?


Mississippi Studies Framework Competencies:

  1. Explain how politics have influenced the development of Mississippi.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to use graphic tools.
  3. Explain how civic responsibilities are important to Mississippians as citizens of the United States.


Grades 7 through 12.